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What to consider when buying your first home

Jan 25, 2018
So you have decided you are ready to buy a house, but the whole process seems a bit daunting? Firstly, CONGRATULATI [more]
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How professional inspection reports empower ...

Oct 03, 2017
Why I encourage Homeowners to purchase Professional Inspection Reports. Make a pre-emptive strike, and arrange a bu [more]
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Preparing your Home for Marketing

Nov 04, 2016
When it comes time to market your property, there are no shortcuts to a great price. A lot of preparation has to be [more]
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What to Consider when you are selling your p...

Sep 06, 2016
Your home is your asset In life and real estate, it is often said that your principal place of residence is possibl [more]
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32 Ross Street, Roslyn

May 29, 2016
Sold! 16 days on the market. This property was sold to a large family that had been looking for a property for some [more]
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30 Portobello Road, Musselburgh

May 11, 2016
  Sold! 14 Days on the market. This could have been a challenging property to sell because it was located up a long [more]
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67 Albert Street, St Clair

May 11, 2016
Sold! 25 days on the market. This property was sold by deadline sale to an out of town buyer looking to relocate to [more]
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